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We provide over-the-counter (OTC) trading services to family offices and accredited investors. Our specialities include major spot cryptocurrency trades, negotiated block trades, and algorithmic execution.

Efficient Execution

Our clients enjoy seamless execution for their trades through our algorithmic capabilities and strong relationships with both exchanges and trading partners.

Competitive Pricing

We lead the industry in affordability and service. This is accomplished by negotiating costs pre-trade to avoid hidden fees and regular pricing reviews.

Unparalleled Risk Management

Clients are assured of execution and asset integrity. Tilde's risk protocols are in place at every step of the trade process, and include stringent KYC/onboarding processes, cold storage, multi-factor authentication and cloud servers.

Why Tilde

Pronounced "til-dah"

Better Deals through our extensive network

Better Deals through our extensive network

Tilde has built in-house connectivity to all major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. We've also nurtured strong relationships with an extensive network of trading partners and stakeholders within the digital asset ecosystem. This ensures we source and help you extract the best value for your crypto- related investments.

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

An Experienced and Dedicated Team

Our team comprises veterans with many years of trading and execution experience. From diverse backgrounds that includes financial trading, quantitative analysis and risk management, we have the best minds to meet your needs at every step of your crypto journey.

Serious about Crypto

Serious about Crypto

Our team has a deep understanding and belief in the transformative and revolutionary nature of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Unseizable, decentralized, sound money is the future.

Service you can count on

Service you can count on

Our clients matter to us. We are committed not only to providing you with outstanding service, but also developing deep and long-lasting partnerships.

We'd like to warmly welcome you to the Tilde family.

How it work

Start trading with us in 3 simple steps

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  • 2 Undergo our secure, 3rd party know-your-customer (KYC) process. (Approx 1-2 weeks)
  • 3 Establish the appropriate channels of banking/digital asset transfer with Tilde. Upon completion, we will start executing for you.
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We also offer bespoke digital asset services

Liquidity solutions for even the most niche cryptocurrency pairs

Advisory service for potential token issuers

Post-token sale crypto-fiat currency conversion

Meet the Team

Tilde was founded by a team of world class traders from Grasshopper, a Singapore-based trading firm and a major player in the global listed equity futures markets.

We believe Blockchain technology will become the underlying technology for some of the world's most dominant companies in the next decade. We believe the foundations are being built now and are excited to provide our clients with the opportunity to invest in the future.

We are values- and culture-driven. We work with honesty, transparency, and "no ego". For our clients, this translates into an upfront approach, based on mutual trust and respect, that forms the basis of profitable, long-lasting relationships.

We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the Tilde way.

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Jonathan Heng

Head of Partnerships

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Brook Du

Quantitative Analyst/Python Developer

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